Women have shown that they can deal with various occupations, and this is very successful, and recent research has shown that women have many innate virtues that give them an advantage in the work environment compared to the opposite sex. Find out what women have shown themselves to be better and what makes them different from men when it comes to working.


1. Women are more intuitive than men

They have more pronounced intuition, which gives a huge advantage in business. Women who know how to listen to their sixth sense will make it easier to make decisions, establish cooperation, and better see things from all angles. In a work environment, this approach is critical to business advancement.

Tracey Wilen-Daugenti, president of the Apollo Research Institute, says in his book, “Technology Changes Education, Work and Society”: “Women are more inclined to study both sides and have the ability to feel how to be in someone else’s skin, which, as a result, interacting with others, yields the desired outcome. They are much more than men willing to ask how you are and what you want, which also helps them to present a business offer by making them attractive to you. ”

2. They respect different values than men

In choosing a career, men pay more attention to how much they will bring them money, power and other material benefits, while women are more important than other things. They will choose jobs that communicate where they can get friends and be respected.

In addition, women express much more empathy towards their associates than men do. Thus, a woman in a managerial position will soon notice when an employee is dissatisfied or disturbed between private and business life, as the boss man will notice. Expressing sympathy, women’s managers gain respect and affection for the employees, making them successful managers.

3. Women are better at networking and more support each other

Studies of the Apollo institute have shown that women more often help one another in the work than men do. They are also more skilled in acquiring new contacts and in networking.

Unlike men who do not think much about feelings, women are more aware of their emotions. Such awareness and willingness to show emotions enable women to connect with people more easily and later to maintain contact. They are also better at non-verbal communication, which gives them a natural advantage in business negotiations.

4. They look through the work through circles, men through the pyramid

Men perceive the business environment as a hierarchy in which the rules are strictly followed and the orders of the superiors are followed. Also, they feel better in the middle where there are clearly defined responsibilities and where they know what their territory is all about. Thus, the goal of men is to expand their territory.

On the other hand, women see the business world not through the prism of a hierarchy, but rather as concentric circles of employees pursuing the same central goal. The job so set up will make everyone’s voice heard, regardless of position and experience. In order to progress, she will try to achieve better results, taking care to treat her colleagues equally.

5. Women experience success as the achievement of the team – men as a stand-alone result

Pet Haim, who is studying gender differences, also outlines the different behavior of men and women in the situation of achieved success. When they succeed, men naturally give importance to their skills, as well as merit to their talent and hard work. Otherwise, if success fails, men will look for the cause of external factors or will fail by poor timing.

On the contrary, women in the event of success emphasize the importance of the entire team that participated in the project, thanks to happy circumstances and “folded” cubes. When they do not survive the planned success, women re-examine themselves, their work and skills, considering how to upgrade them in future situations.

Take advantage of your best interests

These virtues will provide you with a profitable career in a business environment if you direct them in the right direction. Use the benefits that you already possess, and upgrade them with knowledge from management, finance, sales, and other areas. Learn about business from the corner that best suits your sensibility and interests. Become a successful woman whose achievements will inspire others