According to experts, the basic rules of a healthy diet would be: to eat 5 to 6 meals per day, to consume as much fruit as possible, vegetables and cereals, to consume moderately in dairy meals in moderate amounts, meals with meat and eggs should also be consumed in moderate amounts, avoid alcohol.

Based on these rules we can conclude that healthy nutrition in principle implies natural nutrition. Certainly, this is not the first time you hear how to eat more often and fewer pores. Most likely you have also concluded that most of us are doing the opposite: we eat 2 to 3 times a day (some of us even less of it), only when we already feel hungry, and then we usually go for abundant portions a way to overcome a stomach that is by no means healthy. In an incorrect and irregular way of eating, a person actually teaches his body to save every gram of intake of food because the body is no longer sure if and when to receive its next meal. It is for this reason that most of us eat seldom, but everything that we eat is really “receiving”.Β To avoid these things happening, we should start eating more times a day (at least 5 servings) and in smaller portions. Whatever you should not skip breakfast, even if we are not hungry at all! Do not forget: breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Also, if you are planning to stay longer at work you have to prepare a snack and a meal “to take” beforehand. In this way, we learn from our organism that it is not necessary to save for ourselves anything that we bring in food, but to keep it only useful and to discard harmful substances.

Fruits and vegetables

As one of the inevitable menu items of proper diet, it would be a rule of 3 to 5 servings of vegetables and a minimum of 2 to 3 fruit a day. Fresh fruits and vegetables are an indispensable source of essential vitamins and minerals. Carbohydrates from fruits and vegetables, or so-called “good calories” that are quickly absorbed and easily used, are an excellent source of energy. Fruits and vegetables also enhance the function of the stomach and facilitate digestion.

Nutritionists mostly suggest the consumption of raw fruit and vegetables, regardless of other food, or as a separate meal. Spicy and seasoned vegetables (on water, not fat) are an excellent addition to main courses.

When choosing fruits and vegetables, there are virtually no restrictions. Even recommended fruit combinations are recommended. For example, a combination of grapefruit, strawberry, pineapple or berry fruit can be a great addition to vegetable salads. Release your imagination at will!

But still, eating these superfoods should be cautious. Large amounts of fruits and vegetables can overwhelmingly overturn the stomach, cause it to overflow and make it difficult, not to ease digestion.


Carbohydrates are the first-burning substances in energy consumption, and for these reasons, it is essential for them to enter the body regularly and in sufficient quantities. This is particularly true for physically active persons.

However, tks. Simple sugars (monosaccharides) found in various candy, chocolate, biscuits, candies … are by no means the carbohydrates required by the body because they freeze enough fat (fat) during combustion. Nutrition and health are much better than carbohydrates found in cereals and fruits.

Carbohydrates, proteins, and fats are mandatory in the body. The best proportion of these substances, according to experts, is 1: 2: 3 or 1 part of fat – 2 parts of protein – 3 parts of carbohydrates. This is the case for healthy and physically active people; some changes are of course necessary if there are certain health problems.

Also, do not forget about physical activity that is recommended at least 3 times a week! Nowadays most people spend the day sitting; what about work, computer, what’s in front of the TV … Our advice would be to get away from business by going for a walk, bike ride, or some kind of fitness training. Regular physical activity not only has a beneficial effect on appearance but also benefits the health of the entire organism; cardiovascular and respiratory system and to the psychological condition of man.

When it comes to cereals, it is best to begin their day with them. One portion of muslins combined with yogurt is an excellent choice for breakfast as this meal contains a large amount of easily digestible carbohydrates, which do not burden the stomach and are used gradually and thus create a sense of satiety while providing enough energy for the whole of the morning.

If you are not a fan of buying muslins, we recommend that you make them yourself: in any health food store, buy all the ingredients you want and mix them as you like and that’s it! In this way, you can determine the ingredients themselves as well as their share in the muslins. Oatmeal, roasted flakes, barley flakes, corn flakes, chickpeas, soy, rice … are also included. You can also add nuts: nuts, hazelnuts, almonds … and dry fruits of your choice.

Proteins are a necessary ingredient of every diet because they form the basic muscle substance. If we do not enter them in sufficient quantities and when we are physically quite active, muscle fibers can be damaged, or muscles can start to burn themselves to ensure enough energy.

Protein-rich foods include dairy products, meat, fish, and eggs. When choosing these foods should be very careful because most of the above-mentioned foods contain excessive amounts of fat. Therefore, when you think about which meat to prepare for a meal, chicken or beef should always be decided first, rather than pork because pork contains large amounts of fat that affect the build-up of bad cholesterol in the blood.

Also, try to overcome whole grain cheeses, whole milk, and other products when consuming dairy products. You prefer to opt for the noble, young cheese the best homemade because it has no additives, and yogurt and milk with a lower fat content.

Eggs fall into high-calorie foods; egg whites are full of proteins, while egg yolks have enough cholesterol. Therefore, we suggest that you always take 2 egg whites per 1 egg yolk.

Fish is also an unavoidable item in the menu of healthy eating and it should be eaten at least 2 to 3 times a week. It is extremely rich in protein and calcium. The fatty sea fish, such as tuna and salmon, contains a lot of good cholesterol that contributes to the elimination of the bad one accumulating in the blood.

As for the preparation of protein foods, especially meat and fish, it is always better to prepare them for cooking, roasting or grilling, as it will lose part of the fat. Avoid cooking, frying oil, butter, fat, or in a frying pan, because the meat will absorb an extra amount of fat that will ultimately be more harmful than useful.

Slimming foods
You’ve probably already heard about the foods that are skinny, but not so that these foods do some sort of miracle to make all the fat out of your body disappear, but by digesting them a lot more energy than they are in, and in the same time enhances the digestion of other foods.

Here you can see a list of these super-foods that burn calories:

From vegetables, there are artichokes, asparagus, biscuits, bell peppers, carrots, spinach, moss, green salad, celery, chicory, apricot, cabbage, pumpkin, cucumber, flour, onion, paprika, red radish, black roast …
From fruits, there are pineapple, strawberry, mandarin, blueberry, grapefruit, apple, lemon, raspberry, orange, papaya, mango …
From spices and herbs, there are white onions, mint, nuts, basil, anise, parsley, sage …
Other: Soya flour, corn flour, grape seed oil, olive oil, corn oil … (these products should only be used occasionally and in small quantities because in addition to the positive contents and the negative ingredients.)

And finally, to conclude that the basic rule of healthy eating should never skip meals and take good care of what’s being eaten!