How to remove acne overnight? Are you having important day and acne in the same basket? Definitely the worst combination you can be involved in. But it’s not the end of the world! We will reveal a secret to you how to remove acne overnight!

There are many causes of pimples and acne. The essence is the same. Excess of sebum, bacteria, and dead cell pores and an inflammatory process. The excess of sebum is due to the nutrition, the hormone, and the inadequate care of some diseases.

remove acne overnight
Please keep in mind that we do not recommend any of solution unless you know your skin type. Performing some of these techniques can damage your skin even more.

The mission called “remove acne overnight” is not at all simple and demands change in the way of life. Specifically the treatment of antibiotics or hormone therapy.

And what exactly do you need – a fast solution?

What if tomorrow you have an important day, meeting, wedding, photography, anything that requires you to have clear skin?

How to save the pimples that have already occurred or at least reduce their visibility and inflammation?

We are talking about it this time!

20 unique ways to remove acne overnight

Although it’s impossible to have a perfect and smooth face for one day, you can do something when you notice the acne. Try to reduce their visibility, redness and alleviate inflammation, and in that way make them disappear. In this, you can perfectly use some simple methods and it will definitely surprise you.

Though we will give a lot of suggestions, keep this in mind:

  • When trying to find the perfect way to get rid of a pimple, the last thing you need to do is overdo it and use more treatments than once.

Remove acne overnight: Icy challenge

remove acne overnight

The simplest thing you can do is to try ice. You need to use cubes or crushed ice. Wrap it in a clean towel or cotton cloth. Hold ice on the pimple and hold for a few seconds – remove it when it becomes unpleasant. Then wait for a minute and repeat the process. In this way, the circulation is improved and the skin becomes tense and accumulates pores. Redness and swelling should be gone and pimples will be less visible.

Heating for squeezing

This is the opposite of the previous treatment, and the goal is to open the pores and eliminate the excess of sebum and bacteria. An indispensable step if you have a pungent gland and you have to get rid of it. First, soften the skin and ease the job by softening pores. Squeeze hot water into the dough and dip into a cotton swab or cotton cloth. Put a warm lining on the pimple and hold for 20 minutes. Of course, the lining will not be hot, but lukewarm, as much as you can (not to strain, but to be comfortable). After 20 minutes, remove the lining and rinse a pimple.

If nothing goes out of it, do not touch it further. 

“You might want to know how to Overcome exhausted and tired moments using simple tricks”

Lemon vs. acne

Lemon, or lemon juice, is full of vitamin C. It will make the pimples dry out faster and thus disappear faster from the face. Although this is a natural and a method of removing the pimples, it will not appeal to people with elastic skin, so if you are in that group, try another way.

How to use lemon to remove acne overnight? You need to squeeze fresh lemon juice and dip the piece into it. Then apply to the part of the skin that has pimples.

remove acne overnight

  • Extra advice: You can add one teaspoon of cinnamon to lemon juice. It works antibacterial and against inflammation and has a strong effect against the pimples.

These treatments are best used before bedtime. Apply on the skin and rinse with warm water in the morning.


If your pimples often occur, then tea tree oil is something you definitely need to invest in. This is one of the best natural ways to remove the acne. It has antibacterial properties and uses it as an external antibiotic that removes one of the main causes of the formation of a pimple. It also appears drowsy and reduces redness and inflammation and drains these unpleasant changes in the skin.

remove acne overnight

How to use it?

It is best to mix a few drops of tea oil with a spoon of aloe vera gel and apply it to the skin. If you do not have a gel, pour it into water or some other, mild oil for the skin. After 20 minutes rinse.

Use a white onion to remove acne overnight

This is an excellent anti-pacemaker treatment, although the onion is not a fragrant note that promises. This brilliant flavor works against viruses, bacteria, and fungi simultaneously. It’s impossible for some cause of the appearance of a pimple to stall. It is rich in sulfur which allows rapid healing. It’s enough to cut the garlic in half and rub on the pimples. Rinse after 15 minutes. Repeat this several times during the day. The next day you should notice a visible improvement.

Tomato: Perfect thing for you

The tomato has a lycopene that makes it red, which is also the color of your problem. It reduces inflammation and regenerates the skin. It’s enough to peel it off and slip it or grind it or split the slices into the pimples. Leave it at least half an hour before rinsing. Inflammation should decrease.

The power of honey… and cinnamon… and strawberries:

Another natural antibiotic you can apply for a rapidly removed acne. Honey works against the microbes, but at the same time it feeds and hydrates the skin. It’s just enough to apply it to the acne that bothering you and leave for at least half an hour. After that rinse.

remove acne overnight

The honey is an even better “drug” in combination with cinnamon that also works against bacteria

Add two teaspoons of honey to a cinnamon spoon and use the treatment. By the way, it’s not even a waste to read how they are used and combine honey and cinnamon for weight loss. Try them for both purposes. You will love this combination!

If you thought it was the only great combination of honey that removes the pimples, you are cheating.

Try the honey with strawberries. They have salicylic acid in large quantities, an ingredient that is often recommended in the fight against pimples. Mix the strawberries and honey with the fork. Place 2-3 strawberries on two tablespoons of honey, but make sure you do not overdo it with stubble so they are not too watery. Put this mixture on the pimples and let it work for at least half an hour. This is just one of the ways to use strawberry strawberries.

Basil as a medicine

Do you know why each house should have a basil? In addition to being a great spice, it’s a great “drug” against the acne. It has antioxidant properties, kills bacteria, and even those that have developed certain resistance to conventional antibiotics. This makes it good for your problem – especially because it has proven excellent in reducing swelling in acne.

remove acne overnight

Here’s how to use it

A few leaves (approximately one spoon) boil in boiling water for 5 minutes. When it cools, take a piece of cotton wool and dip into that water. Apply to the pimples(acne).

Toothpaste as an effective way to remove acne overnight

You probably heard that the toothpaste is good against the pimples, and did you really try it? Why not! It’s a great way to get rid of acne quickly. This treatment uses a white toothpaste, not a gel form. Also, it’s better not to have fluoride, as it gradually deepens scarring on the face. However, you do not have to worry too much about this if you need a quick removal of the pimples.

How to use acne toothpaste?

Apply it to a problematic part of the skin and let it work for at least half an hour, and ideally overnight. Rinse in the morning. Although the pimples will not disappear, they will be less inflamed and less visible. Believe me, the result will delight you.