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We bring you the one more recipe for success in this interview article.

As many as 60 domestic companies edited their business premises in accordance with the principles of feng shui. Their intention is to increase efficiency. For many, it really did.

Recipe for success

Although no one has yet correctly calculated how much the revenue increase affects the application of the principle of feng shui in the office. The ancient Chinese skill that monitors and adjusts the flow of energy through space is an increasingly popular. ItΒ  means for Croatian companies to be more successful and to increase efficiency. Counselor for feng shui Faith TomaΕ‘ has edited nearly sixty domestic companies of various profiles in the last few years. Recommendation is becoming more and more list of potential clients is getting longer, last year,

Feng shui

Trust Thomas did not arrive on an annual basis. The Business Diary has revealed little to the achievement of a good energy balance that can do wonders for people living in a given space. As it usually does with the best spells, the secret feng shui skill is in healthy reason and simplicity. “Many people are surprised to see that it is actually very simple solutions where there are no ornaments with which feng shui often identifies. Molds, of course, have their role, but feng shui can be adapted to the Western world, which is my way of working, “says Tomas. In short, space is divided into nine fields by feng shui. Each field is linked to one segment of the business. So there is an area of communication, finance, reputation, future, career…

Space estimation

The meaning of space estimation is to place everyone in the most convenient places to encourage the areas they work in. In other words, it is very important that the main people work where their place depends on their career and the future of the company. The work desk is the basis of everything. It must be set so that a person must at least see the entrance to the room. It must be stable, and the work surface must not be transparent. From the front side the table should have at least partial shelter, and behind the back is firmly hollow, the best wall, and it is by no means good that the table is in the middle of the space.

The main people in the company behind should not have a picture of water because they will get theirs out of their careers. Behind the back is best to paint a picture of a mountain, a powerful tree, framed diploma, praise, certificates, all that “keeps back”. The table should be neat and there should only be a daily, most weekly job. It should not be too small. We will feel tired of obligations, not too big because we will feel lost.

Recipe for success might be everywhere

There are too many disadvantages in the drawer. A business card that we did not call ten years should be solved. The table should be firm and be stable. Garbage can be emptied every day. On the table or in the room it is good to have a plant that is healthy and maintained with leafy leaves. Cactus, palm trees and other poppy leaves and any overgrown jungle are not good. Who wants a dull career on the table should put bonsai. Receiving guests or business partners in many companies is very important. So, some tricks are very interesting. In order to be superior to their guests, their chair should be somewhat lower than the hosts.

To make the meeting as efficient and shorter, the meeting room chairs should not be reversible, the table should be oval that encourages faster communication. Illumination of the workspace is also very important, and the biggest office foyers are halogen lamps. It works best in natural light, in the light of the full spectrum used in greenhouses.

We must apply!

In some companies, all space is regulated. In some it is emphasized only on the premises where the most important people work. Faith Tomas argues that clients are regularly informed about the effects of applying the feng shui principle. He told us the anecdote about the director of one of our great companies who was often on the go, and in the absence was changed by three board members.

“The director regretted that every time he saw his deputies, he gave careful instructions on what to do, but how each of them worked three times each time. By recording the space, I noticed that the culprit was arranging the rooms and the people sitting there. Three of the deputy directors were sitting in a room where the director was supposed to sit, and the director’s room literally slipped from the ground floor. In other words, the board members made major decisions because the energy of the space meant it, “explains Tomas.

By deploying the situation changed, three deputies in the absence of the director executed his, and not his, decisions. Literally, everyone knows where his place is.