“The only way you can have a real friend is to be a real friend”, says an old saying that symbolizes the values of true friendship – which is acceptance, support, active listening and interest in one another. We bring you the most remarkable characteristics of the real friend so you can easily recognize them in the ocean of fake faces. 

1. Encourage us to accept ourselves

All people are to some extent self-critical, and our true friend will do anything to make us feel better in our skin. They encourage our self-confidence because they love us precisely because of what we are – with defects and imperfections, as well as with many virtues.

2. Really listen

An open, honest, and two-way dialogue is the point of a friendly relationship in which people are because they want to be and are interested in what the other side has to say, not because they have to. That is why conversations with the right friend are not one-way and after them, there is no feeling of “disregard”.

3. They say they think we’re wrong

In the built relationship of full respect and equality, no one is afraid to pronounce what he thinks, as well as point to other mistakes. Of course, this does not imply constant criticism, but constructive objection if we do something that is at the expense of others and ourselves.

4. Friend even if all goes wrong

Life is long and interwoven with good and bad situations. The real friend is there in moments of dismissal at work, painful divorce, illness, and even if we do not want anyone next to us. However, only the existence of true friends in our life gives us a sense of security and belonging.

5. Their presence calms us

Sometimes you don’t need to talk or go out with your real friend, only his presence is enough to keep us calm. Studies show that people who think they have true friends have a lower overall level of stress, which is obvious after spending time with them. It is no wonder that socializing with them is also called “cheap psychotherapy”.


6. We remain modest with them

With true friends, it is easy to celebrate their achievements and success, but at the same time they are there to “keep your feet on earth”. Their direct attitude and behavior will remind us that regardless of any success, they know what we are and where we are from.

7. Friendship is their priority

Regardless of marital status, children, work, and all other responsibilities in life, a true friend does not stop to be there for us just for lack of the time. One of the indicators of being a real friend to us is the inner intuition that we can always count on them, and if we call into trouble, they come without thinking …

8. They are present

People who have the qualities to be friends to others know that such a relationship has to be maintained. That is why, if you are not able to see them often, they call you regularly, though they wonder how you are. That is why friendship survives all the distance and passage of time…

9. They keep our back

A real friend will take our side even if everyone else is against us. They will not exploit our secrets in order to have the material for gossip, nor will make fun of us in front of others.

10. They know how to forgive

Like in all other relationships, neither friendship is immune to occasional quarrels and dangers. Yet, knowing to tell others that we were wrong is an art, and also find in our hearts enough strength to forgive even if it hurts us – is a sign of true friendship.