Quality is in constant battle with quantity. And so are people. From my experience, I’ve learned that in the most cases it is better to choose quality over quantity. Nowadays, free time is precious and most of us think that we have to use it for our pleasure. But what if our pleasure becomes doing something out of boundaries of everyday life. Anyways, we are going to present you 3 things you should do in order for you to make self-improvement. Therefore, this article is for the ones that are striving for the progress. I hope it’s gonna be a lot of readers.

Quality using of your free time starts now

Like I said before, if you are one of those who are chasing self-improvement then I might have the right thing for you. In the next couple of minutes, I’ll talk about few examples of quality using your free time. First of all, let’s read one powerful quote from a famous actor.

“Ease is the greater threat than hardship” – Denzel Washington

You are probably asking yourself why am I writing this quote. Well, because it’s connected with the statements I want to share with you. It’s easy to spend your free time sleeping, watching useless TV shows or reviewing someones Facebook timeline. It’s easy to be a couch potato, doing nothing with your life and asking yourself why am I like this. The hard part comes when we realize that we have nothing from wasting our time like that. Maybe the hard part doesn’t need to be that hard. It’s recommended to get used to hard way, in order to make it easy for you.

Now, here’s something I do in my free time…

Reading books

I love to read books, especially scientific ones. I’m curious about inventing, the space exploration and other forms of life. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to read the same books, but it means that you should probably start reading them. Besides, your vocabulary will be richer and your perception of the whole world will get another dimension. A lot of knowledge is hiding in those yellow and white papers. Reach out for it.

Watching documentary movies

To be truly honest, I love everything that’s connected with the space exploration and the universe. Therefore, you can say that I am a universe addict. I just love the fact that there is somebody else out there, trying their best to reach us. But, it’s not about me here. If you want to work on self-improvement consider watching documentary movies about the thing you want to know. Also, use the internet not just for the social media, but for purpose of learning.

Using internet for the right purpose

As I said before, being a part of the internet is not just using it for social media or hanging out, but for the other purposes. For example, I would never know how to share my knowledge and experience if there was no internet. Took me a few weeks before I learned how to share this with you guys, but it was worth of it. And I’m still learning, every day.

The point of this whole story is progress. We must grow bigger, feed our brains with valuable information, evolve in educated people. Our fears must be faced, our weakness must become the strength. We shall be winners. Together.