Pollution is a bigger problem than we think. Unfortunately, many of us overwhelmingly pollute the planet we live on. Obviously not thinking about how this could be avoided. Water, soil, and air become more polluted, natural resources are reduced and climate change is evident.

Most people do not want to admit to themselves, let alone others, that the problem of the contaminated environment is the responsibility of all of us. Many will shake their heads and say that those without automobiles, computers, mobile phones and many other things cannot live. Maybe do not have a bad impact on the planet just what they are using. That is why we will explain in the following lines how people, directly and indirectly, pollute the environment, and how can this be avoided. Believe it is not difficult.


According to estimates of the United Nations, 783 million people in the world do not have clean water. Water pollution occurs when chemicals, wastewater. Pesticides as well, lead or mercury are released into it. In addition, this precious liquid is contaminated by agricultural drains, water diversion, and sewage.

Artificial water heating is called thermal pollution, and it comes when plants or power plants use cold water for cooling, then they reject heat. As a result, oxygen levels are reduced in water, which can kill fish and wildlife.

How can such things be avoided? Every person can contribute to this by not throwing waste into rivers, lakes, and seas. Instead of frequent bathing in a sparkling bath, you’d rather have a shower.

In this way, you will save both the water and the energy needed for its heating. Close the faucet while brushing your teeth.If it constantly dripping or leaking water from it, change it because it will prevent you from spending unnecessarily a lot of these precious fluids.  Some of which, on the other hand, can only imagine.


Every day people pollute the air and often do not think too much about it. Increased combustion of fossil fuels from motor vehicles, industrial factories, and power plants into the atmosphere brings enormous amounts of pollutants such as carbon monoxide.

Lead-based compounds can lead to serious health problems, such as cancer or inborn defects.

It is logical that a man can not get on foot everywhere, but how then can it positively affect the quality of the air if it is driven by a car? Simply – if you already have to go somewhere by car. You can do something!  Arrange with colleagues or friends that you all go with one car. This will reduce the amount of fuel burned.

When you have a good time, take a walk or work a bike. Not only will you save the air you breathe (and without which there is no life), but you will also improve your health.

Also, use energy saving bulbs and do not leave computers or TVs on standby mode, but turn them off completely. In this way, you will save electricity. It means that it produces less energy and reduces the burning of fossil fuels that pollute the air.



Climate change is closely linked to the development of industry and technology. As temperatures rise in the world, so the time on Earth drastically changes, glaciers are melting and more and more people get sick.

In order to influence each one of us, we need to enter at least a minimal change in our everyday life. In addition to the aforementioned disconnection of electronic devices and the use of energy saving bulbs, let the washing machine be full while washing, and hang it to dry out in the open.

It is very important that you realize that natural resources are not inexhaustible and that it is. Therefore, good to recycle everything you can. By recycling your paper, you will save trees in the forest, which already has an alarming little bit. Instead of paper, be creative and wrap your gift in some canvas.

Everyone will be delighted with your idea, and you will preserve another tree. When shopping, use linen, cotton or recycled plastic bags instead. Reason? Plastics are not biodegradable, and as these bags often find themselves in rivers, seas, and lakes, this every year leads to the guessing of fish, mammals, and birds.

Also, make sure that…

Also, make sure that you place the waste responsibly. Plant some plants in empty packages of butter, cheese, sour cream or milk instead of throwing them.

Buy a charger and use only rechargeable batteries. Why? Because a few billion ordinary batteries recycle very little per year, and the rest is crowded and represents a very dangerous waste containing lead and mercury.

At the very end, remember that any activity that reduces the consumption of water and energy contributes to the preservation of the environment. You need to do so little, and the contribution can be crucial. For you and all the living beings on this planet.