Are you tired all the time? Exhausted? There is a help, but you’ll need to make some changes. Here are some tips from experts which can be useful toΒ you as a first aid in tiredness and exhaustion.


Sufficient fluid

Getting enough water is one of the ways to help yourself avoid exhausted moments. In addition, the body will come well with fruits and vegetables, especially those containing large quantities of water. Celery and orange contain 90 percent water and are certainly a good source of healthy liquids. Although people often forget about it, fluid is extremely important for energy, so take it in sufficient quantities and you will feel better, more polite and more powerful.


Proper Breathing [ First aid when you are exhausted ]

Stress and ignorance about healthy breathing are just some of the reasons why the air does not pass through our lungs as it should. Many people breathe in the air from the work in the middle of the chest. Such breathing in the lungs brings only a small amount of air. This is the so-calledΒ shallow breathing. However, when breathing through the diaphragm, the stomach is lifted and the air passes to the lungs and fully fills them.

Breathing through the stomach is the simplest way by which you immediately raise the level of energy, and is feasible at any place and at any time. If you want to try, start with 60 seconds of deep breathing first. Put your hand on your stomach and breathe through your nose. You will feel your stomach is lifted. Throw air through your mouth, and while doing it, the arm on your stomach will be lowered.


Dynamic music

Did you know that music can also raise energy? It has been scientifically proven that loud and dynamic music accelerates heart rate, breathing, and circulation. So, if you’ve slipped and followed your exhaustion, let your joyful and dynamic music, boost it and restore the necessary energy.


Be active

We all know that sitting all day is not healthy. Apart from the consequences of feeling bad on shoulders and back, energy loss is also felt. Run. If you do not have time for serious exercises, try at least walking. If you’re okay and you feel tired, get up, stretch for at least five minutes and you’ll feel better soon. Make sure you spend your weekend for physical activity and recreation. It has been scientifically proven that exercise is one of the best ways to restore energy and good mood.


Exhausted? Healthy snacks might help as well

The combination of proteins and carbohydrates greatly boosts energy. Almond and bananas are an ideal match. Of course, do not overdo it. There will be enough handful of almonds and one banana. Proteins boost energy, and carbohydrates are maintained. In other words, with this kind of meal, you will be satiated for a long time and you will have more energy.