How many times have you told yourself that you will workout, learn, go on a diet on Monday… But somehow that Monday isn’t coming anytime soon. Or you started a project that now stands on your to-do list, it causes you a sense of guilt, but you do not want to or don’t know how to finish it. Laziness is the real guilty in here.

How to do something with great will know the Japanese who have their own method of motivation. It is the principle of 1 minute, and it is called Kaizen.


A minute that can change your views and laziness

According to the journalist and writer Raven Fon, it is about repeating the same thing at the same time, in the same place. We have to deal with it exactly 1 minute. The Kaizen method does not take a lot of time and can be carried out by any person. After this activity becomes habitable, laziness will no longer stand in the way. And equally, it will be easier for us to do business and we will not lose our will or interest.

Whether it’s a simple task or something very complicated, it’s important to choose something that you like or what you need and to do it every day.

Sometimes the fear of failure prevents us from trying. Do not let it bother you. So, with little steps, you can become more inspirational and successful. With time you can increase your exercise for five minutes, so you can quickly turn it in half an hour, then in an hour… You will be surprised how much one minute can change your lifestyle.

The Kaizen method was created in Japan and was invented by a theoretician of behavior in the organization; Masaki Imai. The technique consists of the word “kai” which means the change and word “zen” which is wisdom in the Japanese language.

You no longer have to feel bad about laziness because it will disappear with this method. Additionally, one-minute exercise should not be difficult for anyone. It is very successful in both business and private life. So now make a plan for your 1-minute exercise now and work on it.