new year

Let’s start from scratch. This is the third year in a row as you try to make a New Year’s resolution. But somehow the wish for accomplishing your mission disappears as soon as you meet the first obstacle? No problems, we have the right solution for you. 

New Year’s resolution: More than possible

Don’t get yourself confused, we encourage you to think that everything is possible, but it takes time to reach that level. Everything is possible only if you walk step by step. So, we recommend you to make a little bit shorter New Year’s resolution list this time. Make something that looks easier to accomplish, just so you can prove yourself that you can do it. Be real when you make list, don’t burden yourself with impossible missions, cause sooner or later you will quit. We really don’t want you to quit. We are here to make a win-win situation.


Feel free to fall down, it’s not a big thing. Everyone touches rock bottom from time to time. The main thing is to get up and move forward. Always keep in mind that nothing in this world goes smoothly. You are going to have a lot of problems in the beginning but always be aware that you’re not the only one. Also, think about the reward you are going to enjoy it and you should have the strength to go through hard times.

Tips and tricks

It’s hard to avoid what is coming, there are no cheats in real life, but we can always pull out some tricks and tips. When we talk about this topic here’s what do to.

Start making the list of things that are connected to your life. For example, I started jogging and that made me eat healthier, so I “killed” two flies with one shot.

Make partial lists. For example, make four lists in a whole year. From January to March and so on. Write down everything you can accomplish in 3 months.

Start with easier tasks in the first quarter and later raise your expectations to bigger things.

Important note:

The most important thing is to finish your first quarter with 100/100 results. That’s how you are going to have a kickstart for further goals.