new year new me

New Year new me?! – or we are just buying time to delay what we want to achieve(or not)?!

I’m not Amy and I will not be judging your way of life. I’m here to discuss this topic to find out do we really need next Monday, New year or next month to start our new life.

It’s extremely difficult to make changes in your life because that means getting used to new habits, a way of thinking and lots of other things. But to make something different you have to possess a great power of will. Nobody is going to do it for you. You have to sit alone and decide what do you want with your life. Today, tomorrow or next month.

Most of us are dreaming about success, but just a few are aware of everything that changes brings. Making changes means that you have to sacrifice something (time, workplace, environment..)

Those who are aware of all of this things are flexible enough to make changes in no time. For the rest, the recipe is in next chapter…

New year new me-it’s possible

On the top of the New Years to do list should be NEW ME. That’s your new life chapter, empty space where you can write whatever you want.

Encouraging yourself to become something different takes a lot of thinking and planning. You need to know that it’s not going to be piece of cake, but also that YOU CAN DO IT.

Reminder: It takes approximately 21 days to get used to something new.

Let this reminder be your guide star because by the 21st January you’ll be able to say that you changed something. My recommendation is to start from something small, like waking up earlier then you used to. That’s how you’re going to change something and convince yourself that you can do it.

Gradually introduce changes to your life and let each of the following be more difficult than the previous one. Step by step, you are already on an excellent path to success for your purpose.

Use the new year as an incentive to do something new. Do not hesitate or be afraid of the unknown because there is nothing in this world you can not achieve.