Motivation story

Based on everything I’ve learned about ourselves so far, I think the answer is just motivation. We all know how we feel when we are extremely inspired. Quickly making a lot of plans, but as soon as motivation disappears (it happens very quickly), there are only a bunch of obligations, because we did not come to do what we imagined.

To begin with, I want to thank you who are reading this text, because I do this for the first time in my life and have a fair amount of frustration. Just these days I have heard that the first fifty words should be interesting for the readers, otherwise they will not read the text. Now I’ve come to the mind of the “ingenious” invention of world marketing experts who first put the word “sex” on the ad, and then when they get the audience’s attention, their message. I sincerely hope that this will not be necessary to us. And now, let’s talk.

Let’s think for a moment about Mark Twain’s thought that fear of death is, in fact, a fear of life, because a person who truly lives is ready to die every moment. Many types of research have shown that those people who lived by giving themselves everything in their lives are quite quiet about their deaths. And now let’s ask ourselves, why do not we, so often, give our maximum?

Based on everything I’ve learned about a man so far, I think the answer is just motivation. We all know how we feel when we are extremely inspired. Quickly make a lot of plans, but as soon as motivation disappears (it happens very quickly), there are only a bunch of obligations because we have not come to do what we have imagined. Unfinished obligations cause stress, and its consequences are, at least in general, known to everyone. When we are motivated, we think we can all, and when we are not, it is difficult for us to go and throw trash from the house or work our teeth. So I wonder how to stay motivated for a longer period of time? Can we cultivate that state? How can it become common to us? By studying this topic in the last eight years I came to many answers, and I would like to share some of them with you.

I believe that stories of personal experience are the most valuable, so let’s move on from them.

Motivation story that can change your life:

As a kid, I was pretty successful in everything I’d touched. But then he came across my period of life in which I allowed the opinion of the environment to be so much more important than mine that I almost completely lost myself. I would say that this period lasted for much of my life. Until I made a big turn, I was just another rather unsuccessful student of a mathematics college and a man who was just thinking of meeting his impulses, often acting toward people as a slave, often unsatisfied for a variety of reasons. The politicians, the society, the climate, etc. did not use me. I allowed life passing by me, with the constant hope that one day, in the future, everything would be better. Still, I knew that in me still lives the child who rejoices in every day, wonderful things that we often call the little things – the sun’s rays, the fresh air, the morning rocks, the bicycle ride near the river …

But some other part of me had the dominance.

By the variety of circumstances I see today when it was needed, I happened to find friends, teachers, or books that talk about changing ours. By reading some of them, I have come to one of the greatest insights so far – a common factor in all my problems – just me! Though it was a big blow to my ego, I started working to change myself. I realized that there is no permanent character of any person, but that, like everything in the universe, the process, movement, and building ourselves from moment to moment. We know from physics that the concrete wall is just a set of molecules and atoms vibrating at an extremely high frequency, and even though our senses consider it a static matter, it has a limited duration. If it is possible that through a certain time the wall will change shape and become dust, then why should some of our features not be able to change their shape?

All you need is a little bit of motivation

I’ve been insinuating that I can change all my features. Of course, that requires great energy, courage, and motivation. I started analyzing my feelings and reactions. I asked myself questions: “Could I act differently? Was it useful to me that I had been spun on a baffle driver? Does anybody get something out of the shit, anger, jealousy …? ” At that time I came across the idea that our thoughts affect our lives.

By studying this phenomenon, I realized that our thoughts have great power.

And then I found the book “The Power of the Present Moment”, Ekarta Tolea. Thanks to him, I became aware of what many people have known for thousands of years – that the only moment we have is that our mind is in the past or the future, causing us sorrow or stress. I then got the audiobook and listened, over and over, until I accepted that way of thinking. Then I met the man in video and recording and was thrilled with the serenity that he broadcasted. From that point on, I wanted what he had.

Keep searching for that motivation.

My mind got open, I started to realize that the ego is just a false picture of me who lives in the heads of other people, and I try to make it the best. At no time did I mind that this picture of me should be like another person. My way of thinking drastically changed. Some of the sentences that I heard before and just passed them, now I looked from a completely different angle and were completely fascinated. How could they just say so miraculous things people who lived for thousands of years? Where do such persuasions be, Jesus, Socrates, Lao Ce, Confucius …?

Still in the Fifth High School, the professor of philosophy has mentioned to us Socrates “I know I do not know anything”. I liked that thought a lot, but even though I understood the meaning, I did not really live that way. The ego did not allow me to know something best. I condemned the people I know better. Now I believe that life is infinite learning and that with each new answer we get at least a few more questions and it ensures me endlessly.

Among other things, I realized that I should become fully responsible for everything that is happening in my life. I would have complained at all before and someone else would always be guilty. So I just allowed others to control my life, and I admittedly, unconsciously, to be the victim who was carrying the course of life. Now I’m aware of how big this change is in consciousness, and life, with such a conception, becomes easier now.

Then there was another great lesson. Mahatma Gandhi has led people to his example. This is the characteristic of every true leader. Take the primer. Hence, his so often cited thought: “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

I realized that all that I wanted as a child – peace in the world, the prosperity for all, the joy of life, love, will never come out, that is, the world will not change for me, but if I want a “better” then I must do everything in my power to do so. Since then, every day I work to be the best possible version of myself, for myself and for the world. And I’m really harder to change at any time. Do I always succeed? Of course not. But I know that people start to see in me some peace, joy, maybe something like what I am a video in my teachers.

And what happened to me after all these teachings? I was very dissatisfied with my life, I did not manage to fulfill my parents’ expectations, and I found the crunch of pleasure in food, sports, travel, and sex. Now, people experience me as a person who emits peace and love, which almost always has energy and nothing is difficult for her. How did this happen? Where do I get so much energy? Simply, after a long time, I changed myself, applying everything I learned. One pretty lipid definition of learning reads: “Until something changes our behavior, we have not really learned.”

That’s right. When we learn a new formula in mathematics, it allows us to work faster and more efficiently. I think this applies to every area. Applying various methods that have been scientifically proven, I began to change my negative habits. I invested a lot of energy, but with the first results, she just grew up, and I felt better. In time I brought myself to almost every morning I got up in 5 with the Osmo, I never shake, I do daily, I write a diary, meditate, eat almost just raw food, I write …


Following the advice of various wise men, I succeeded in learning how to produce motivation. My body now only works. The essence is wonderful, and I think for the first time – really happy with it. And I would love to share with everyone who wants to hear me.