Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman is surely one of the greatest actors, narrators, producers, traveler and respected person, worldwide.Β 

He is 81 years old, looks like seventy, says that he feels like sixty and work like he is in mid-fifties. Morgan is a simple man who likes to exercise and play golf a lot. He’s been all over the world and met almost every culture.

Morgan Freeman:”The key is in the simplicity”

“Being simple is not that hard, you just have to be yourself. Many of us are trying to be what we are not and that’s the main reason we get list” says Morgan, but how to be simple?!

To be the simple person you have to know your true values, your worth and your range. The key to being simple is, to be honest with yourself.


Morgan Freeman was born June 1, 1937. in Memphis, Tennessee. From his young age, he had difficulties, especially with his father who’s been drinking a lot. Throughout his life he’s been a victim of racistic talk, but yet he managed to become one of the greatest. Freeman earned his pilot license at age of 65, which tells us how strong his will is.

Morgan is also well known in charity world and one of the greatest things was donating his 124-care ranch after he heard that bees are in danger. That ranch is now their home.

The search for truth is never over and the survival of truth is never assured. We have to choose – do we stand with those who wish to suppress the truth or stand with those who seek it. – Morgan Freeman

Let’s get back to the simplicity. He explains that nothing can happen overnight. We get lost in our overreacted wish for success so bad that we forgot why did we even started in the first place. “Where’s the rush? – Nothing can be just right now” says Freeman.

To succeed in anything, you have to have a plan and you have to work on it, step by step. One step at the time and the work is done.

“If you jump more then one stair at the time it can speed up your descent, but also there is a risk of a broken leg. So why would you take that risk” – tells Morgan