Paul logan

What did Logan Paul’s video show?

I know that most of you are familiarized with a situation about Paul Logan “suicide” a couple of days ago. Watching all these articles, YouTube videos, social media judgments, forced me to think about it and investigate more about this topic and find out more about Logan Paul. For all of you who are not familiar with the situation, I’ll try to explain as clearly as possible, make it short and clear.
Logan Alexander Paul (Born April 1, 1995) is an American vlogger and actor. He first gained fame through videos shared on the internet video service VINE. Paul later branched out into acting in television and films. He has also started his own brand called Maverick, named after his parrot. According to Forbes YouTuber earned a staggering £9.25m ($12.5m) last year alone. He has a reported net worth of £11.1m ($15m).

What happened?

So, basically, Logan found a dead body in Japan to be precise in Suicide Forrest where, every year, approximately 100 people commit suicide. So he decided to stay overnight, but something else happened.He found a dead body. He was shocked at first, but decided to go up to the body, filmed the dead man, makes really weird jokes about it. It’s the things that you expect to see in the dark side of the internet not on youtube if you know what I mean. I understand there’s always a challenge for him, what the next big thing he can do, what’s gonna draw more people into his channel. But Logan made a terrible mistake by filming that, later he uploads new apologies for video where you can see at first hand what actually happened.



You are at the end of your rope, and you can’t take it any much longer. You are in pain, and you are suffering, and you feel there is no hope. The first thing that you need to do is to seek the services of a professional counselor, talk to someone, your brother, sister, parents, teacher. One of the most difficult aspects of depression is the feeling of isolation and the false belief that you are the only one that is suffering from this affliction.

In many cases suicide seems like the easiest option. Your mind is clouded to the point where you can’t see any other way out.
Suicide is the third leading cause of death for 15 to 24-year-olds and the sixth leading cause of 5 to 14-year-olds. Suicide accounts for twelve percent of the mortality in the adolescent and young adult group.
On average, 1 person commits suicide every 16.2 minutes.

What can we do? How to prevent this major problem? How to help people with mental issues?

 This is temporary. Good or bad, the situation you are in currently will be over. It will pass. Pain is not forever. Perfect moments are not permanent. Embrace the good. You can survive the bad.
There are people who love you- even if you don’t see it. The world is not against you, even if it feels like it. You are loved. There are people in your life who love you. Or maybe you don’t recognize the love they have for you. It can be easy to miss sometimes, look around. Look intently. You. Are. Loved.

No Situation Is Hopeless
Your loved ones, friends, relatives, God, mental health counselors, priests, ministers, etc. Are all good sources of help. They are all willing to help you and they can make a difference, but you must be willing to take advantage of this help. Regardless of your situation, take advantage of the help that is around you. Remember: Every problem has a solution. You just have to find it.

There are many more tips and possible solutions for this problem, most important THERE ARE PEOPLE WILLING TO HELP YOU! YES, YOU! Seek help guys, and remember YOU.ARE.LOVED





Dear Logan, if you are reading this, We want to tell you a few things. First off, as much as I judge your shameful act, and you know it is completely wrong…One thing we can learn from you. Guys, remember this, IT TAKES COURAGE!
It takes courage to apologize in front of the camera, courage to stand in front of your acts, everybody makes mistakes, we are only humans after all, but only a small number of them are willing to stand and say some things.

Second chance?

Many people said, he did this because he was afraid to lose subs, views, whatever… Doesn’t matter guys, always seek for the best from people. DO NOT look only negative things, try to find a solution, take something… Be a man!
Find a solution Logan, it’s not the end of the world. Donate money. Help spread awareness of mental issues. Use the power of social media. You are the big influencer and you gotta use your skills right. With great power comes great responsibility.

When you forgive, you in no way change the past – but you sure do change the future.