break up

It may seem to you now that your break up has brought nothing but sorrow and disappointment, but in fact, it has provided you a valuable life experience that will in the future be of great use to you.

Here’s what you’ll learn after a hard break up:

1. You are stronger than you think

While you were with your partner, you could not imagine a life without him/her. Maybe he/she convinced you or maybe that was your imagination. And just because of these thoughts the first few weeks after the break up you did not want to get out of bed in the morning. There was only one thought on your head: you will never be happy again. But little by little, day by day, your life will be restored. Every day you are getting stronger and when the period of mourning passes, you will realize that the most important relationship you can not neglect or break down is the relationship you’re building with yourself.

2. You can not change people

Especially the bad ones! This time you had to learn the lesson this way, but now you are ready for the next encounter with this type of person. A man/woman who does not relate to you with respect and love at first doesn’t deserve the second chance to get near you.

break up

3. Do not let them change you

With the ex-partner, you’ve turned into an insecure, complex and unkempt person. That’s everything you’ve never been before. Credit for that takes comments about your look, perpetual grievances and attempts to shape you the way they want it.Β  Now you know that your future partner should be someone you feel happy and full of self-confidence with. Because it is the only point of love. Someone who will motivate you to become even better and not different.

4. Do not ignore the signs

Instinct has been telling you from the beginning that something in your relationship does not work. Your friends have told you that she/he is not for you. Mom told you she/he was not for you. And you are all deafened because love is not only blind but also deaf. But now that you have learned the lesson, you know that the next time you need to listen carefully to your instincts and your loved ones. Because they just want the best for you.

5. Do not ignore your life because of relationship

You fell all three important exams, stopped going to the gym, you ignored your friends … and all this in your desire to spend more time with a person who, on the other hand, did not give up anything to adapt to you. After the breakΒ up you have hardly returned your life to normal and promised yourself that you will never again neglect your friends, family, obligations, and yourself in the end. You have now learned an important lesson and know that you don’t have to neglect anything.