To find true happiness needs more than just reading about it. But, if you are seeking for a true happiness, this might be a good start. First of all, we need to comprehend what is true happiness and where it comes from. Afterwards, we will discuss how to keep it bottled for a while.

What is true happiness?

Well, it certainly depends on the person, but as a fact, true happiness is hiding in priceless things. For example, nobody can take away the champion feeling when you achieve something you’ve been working on hard.

Have you ever thought about that feeling and wished you can keep it in the bottle?

Stop for a minute and think about it. It would be stunning to catch it and every time you want to feel it again, just to drink from the bottle. What if I told you it is possible to stay happy, but truly happy, all the time?

Yes, of course, it is possible. You just need to work on it for a while, but in the end, you will be truly happy and satisfied with everything you want to be.

Enjoy the little things

Enjoying the little things might sound lame, but actually, it is the best way to start the pursuit of the happiness. The problem is, most of us are infected by the social media which represent everything we don’t need at this point. Forget about supercars, fancy makeup, gold bricks and so. Focus on attention, nice gestures and things you can’t afford with money.

Seed love to receive the love

If you want to grow a flower, you need to plant it first. That’s how it goes. So, in order to receive something you need to share it first. Your true intentions must be directed at true happiness if you want to find it. We recommendΒ meditation. It helps us to calm our mind-body processes and allows us to listen to them.

Start from the morning

Don’t wait for any sign, start from the morning. Having a morning ritual can affect your whole day. So, make yourself comfortable in the morning to have a better day. Smile a lot, develop a sense of humor, share knowledge, express your feelings, be grateful for things you already have and you will see the progress going on. But, don’t forget to respect, love and invest in yourself.