Try to imagine the situation in which we are deprived of liberty. The condition in which we are deprived of freedom of speech, movement, work or even having aΒ family. To let them lock us up and make us slaves, all for the benefit of their personal interests. Is not that a frightening thought ?!

Now, remember that there was a period in which someone was in such a situation. America is celebrating National Freedom Day and it prompted us to write about in this article. No marketing tricks stand behind the curtain because the idea that someone was a slave is terrible. Also, the idea that reading this can change just one life is insane. Having the ability to change someone’s life is a gift. Hopefully, this will trigger some change..

The purpose of this article lies in the fact that there was someone who was sufficiently educated, courageous and full of desire to abolish slavery, which at that time was extremely difficult.

We will briefly look at the history and then talk about the mentioned facts.


Major Richard Robert Wright Senior, a former slave who founded the National Freedom Day Association, played a crucial role in creating the observance. Major Wright was considered a community leader in Philadelphia and was active in education, media, business, and politics. He hoped to see a day that would be dedicated to celebrating freedom for all Americans.

Courage guide by liberty

Indeed, it took much courage for this kind of movement. It is true that the example we make in today’s article can hardly be measured by what we are experiencing. Yet, it is equally a good example of the courage we need to embark on our goals.

In the previous article, we talked about courage and how it is the starting point for success. Now we’ll tell you more about it.

The combination of a few things makes the trigger, who finally tells us to get up and step up to our goal. One of these things is courage. I believe that many of us are troubled by the environment and shared opinions, but I also believe it has nothing to do with us.

Try to imagine what Major Richard thought of when he fought for liberty. He did not mind the opinions of the environment, which were far from the same. Do not fool yourself so easily. If they say you can’t do something, use it as a stumbling block. If they say you’re not competent to do something, prove them wrong.Β Let their weakness be your strength. The courage you possess can be somewhere deep in you, but you still possess it. Remember that you are capable of doing everything you imagine. Step by step – a mile, piece by piece – a jigsaw puzzle, stone by stone – castle.

And every time your obstacle tries to stop you, remember that there was someone who did so much without fear of anything. Indeed, you are able to win this race. The race for liberty.