avoid stress

How to avoid stress? Do you want to improve and become stress-free? How to learn to handle stress when it becomes unavoidable? We prepared some advice you might like and use in your daily routines in order to avoid stress.Β Some of the effective means to fight stress are exercise, meditation or yoga. However, these methods are not feasible if you are in the workplace or you have to take care of small children.

avoid stress

Avoid stress naturally:

1. Imagine yourself in a relaxing environment

Remember the relaxing vacation you spent near the lake or the sea. Equally soothing is the time spent in the woods when you were surrounded by greenery and enjoyed the singing of birds. Remember those moments and try to excite the good feeling you had then.

2. Take a deep breath five times

Take a deep breath and exhale five times and then feel relaxed. This lightweight method can reset your nervous system and ultimately allow your brain to provide more oxygen.

3. Inhale the odors

According to some tests, smelling of essential oils reduces the stress experience. Aromatherapy occupies an increasingly important place in the fight against stress. Lavender was shown to be a very effective plant.

4. Dance

This way of fighting stress may not be appropriate for the office or if you are in the company. However, it is a very effective ejection of tension from the body. Changes in the body can also trigger changes in the mental state.

avoid stress

5. Laugh

By laughing, you release the endorphins in your brain, which will make you feel better. You can ask someone to tell you a joke or just remember some funny situations. Being under stress is very difficult to indulge in laughing, there may also be a hunchback as a reaction to some funny video.

6. Get out of the table or move away from the situation

Take a break and get away from your computer or a situation that annoys you. Removal from the situation that is a source of stress will signal your body to relax. A better state of mind will also be achieved if you go outside or just watch through the window for a moment.

7. Encourage someone

This can only be practiced if you are near a close friend or family member in whose embrace you feel comfortable. At this point, oxytocin and dopamine levels are released, which lowers cortisol levels, which stimulate stress.