lessons from nature

Lessons from nature

Nature is a really powerful system, a complete ecosystem which is functionating since the start of the world. Perfect example how this world is dynamic and constantly moving. All those animals, some are there some are extinct. Struggle with humans, fires, weather and it can take almost anything. But most important if you observe carefully you learn a lot of lessons from nature.

β€œNature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” ~ Lao Tzu

There is no rest, there is no static thing in nature

Everything is constantly changing evolving. Complete nature ecosystem is meant to grow, change and adapt. All kind of animals in nature are constantly working, evolving and adapting to the surrounding. You are also part of this system, if you think deeper you will figure out that whole life is about surviving, evolving, adapting. All that jobs, careers, relationships everything you do is because you are meant to do different things to try different opportunities. That’s in your blood.

The harder the something is struggling the harder it becomes

Maybe you head about Bristlecone pine tree that is over 5000 years old. You may notice that terrain where these trees are grown is super harsh with extreme conditions 24/7. Those trees had to struggle for a long time to survive in this conditions, and that’s probably the reason why it manages to stay alive for so long. You can take the same approach to life. The harder you are struggling to achieve something, the harder you will be when you achieve it.

Everything in nature can heal itself, to some limits

You probably witnessed few times when nature had spectacular regenerating capabilities. I mean like, you know that ultra big fires that burn the whole forest it’s just a matterΒ of time before it will regenerate. It may take years but eventually, it will regenerate. The human body also has some kind of regeneration and healing capabilities. Sickness, Β scards, broken legs etc. You should respect your body, you didn’t choose it but it’s the only one that you will get.

Grow slow

Take one step at a time, you can’t run before you learn how to walk. That’s the approach that everything in nature is based upon. You first learn to lean, then you walk, you go to school, find a job etc. There are steps that you must take to reach your goal. Don’t skip them