Throughout history, many women have made an invaluable contribution to the world despite the fact that they are faced with sex discrimination. Humanity has contributed to important inventions without which we can not imagine life today and for which you did not even know that the “products” of the female mind.

1. Paper bag (Almost stolen)

A worker at the cotton factory Margaret Knight invented a paper bag in 1868, but a man named Charles Annan tried to steal her idea and show it to the world like it was his.

important invention

While working in the Columbia Paper Bag Company in 1867, Knight began to construct a machine that produced flat bottom paper bags. When her fellow Charles Anan tried to steal the idea, Knight sued him and after winning a long legal battle she won and got a patent for his machine.

Throughout history, many women have made an invaluable contribution to the world despite the fact that they are faced with sex discrimination. Humanity has contributed with important inventions without which we can not imagine life today

2. Medications for severe illnesses such as leukemia (One of the most important inventions)

Gertrude Elion with her colleague George Hitchings invented some of the first medicines for severe and serious illnesses such as leukemia, AIDS, and herpes. Elion and Hitchings developed a method that helped revolutionize drug production.

important inventions

In their research, they have influenced cell growth, leading to the invention of the first effective anti-leukemia and other serious diseases. Elion also invented azathioprine, an immunosuppressive drug, which allows people with a weak immune system to receive a transplanted organ.

3. Windscreen wipers

In 1903, Mary Anderson recalled that the wipers on the car were extremely useful. The barrel with rubber attachment joining the glass was patented a year later. Although her idea has been included in serial production only a few decades later, we can not imagine driving a pet in a pet today without her simple but very important invention.

important inventions

4. Caller identity and call waiting

The achievements in telecommunications research by Dr. Shirley Anne Jackson led to the invention of caller identity and call waiting. With a Ph.D. in elementary physics, Dr. Jackson was the first African-American physicist in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

From 1976 to 1991, Jackson conducted research in US telecommunications companies, the largest provider of telephone services within the United States, AT & T, where he contributed to the development of caller identity and call waiting.

Two years ago, in 2016, then US President Barack Obama awarded Shirley Anna Jackson the highest award for scientific achievements in the United States, the National Medal of Science.

5. Monopoly

Elizabeth Magie is the main and responsible for one of the most popular social games of all time. This game was originally called “The Landlord’s Game” and was invented or patented in 1903. Although today’s purpose is good fun and socializing with family and friends, this game designer has designed to demonstrate the tragic effect of greed.

6. Solar heating (One in a row of important inventions)

Dr. Maria Telkes, MD, is responsible for the first heating system for solar energy. In 1925 he moved to the United States and hired a project that dealt exclusively with this issue. In 1940, she developed and made available the first solar heating system for households.

important inventions

Another successful female architect, Eleanor Raymond, helped her in the realization of the project.

7. Hand-made ice-cream maker

Nancy Johnson invented the first hand-made ice cream maker in 1943. Her artificial freezer consisted of an exterior wooden window, an inner tin-cylinder and a paddle connected to the handle.

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To make ice cream, the outside should be filled with chopped ice, an internal ice cream mixer, and then rotate the mixing handle manually.

8. Beer

Although we can not safely say who really made the beer what we are drinking right now, the data the historians have come to research shows that it was a woman, more specifically women. Namely, 7,000 years ago in Mesopotamia, women were in charge of beer production.

important inventions

It was the skill only they knew.Β The beer was considered a gift of God, and judging by its popularity today, it has remained one of the most popular drinks of all time, all thanks to valuable women’s hands.

9. Fire-fighting stairs

The first fire extinguishers on the outside of the building, which would facilitate evacuation in case of a fire hazard, in 1897 was invented by Anne Connelly. Her idea was accepted by many architects, and this idea was maintained to this day.

important inventions

10. Bulletproof vest

Believe it or not, a protective ballistic vest, better known as a bulletproof vest was invented by a woman. Her name is Stephanie Kwolek, and the research she has carried out has resulted in the invention of this vest, more precisely the material used in their making.

important inventions

The invention was patented in 1966. But that was not her only invention. In her rich, 40-year career, this inventor has patented more than 40 different inventions and has been included in the Inventors Hall of Fame.